What's For Dinner

"Mom we want chicken nuggets for dinner!!" I have to roll my eyes and curse myself for ever introducing them to fast food. They make this request often when I am getting dinner going and because I'm the mama, and need to make sure they are fed healthy, good food, I have to do a little investigative work.  Luckily they do well eating their vegetables and fruits.  I had a friend once tell me that she had to puree her veggies and sneak it into meatloaf or mashed potatoes so the kids would eat it! Us moms are always seeking ways to keep our kidlets stay healthy and make better food choices. When I stumbled across Foster Farms baked, never fried-chicken, I was so excited!! They have nuggets, tenders, and fillets.  We first tried the nuggets. Beckham, my oldest, is very critical about the "at home chicken nuggets" we have tried.  He hasn't approved any of them, but I kid you not, he loved these!! Tonight we made the strips with their choice of sides- green beans and apple slices.  For our family meal this Sunday, we plan on making an easy Chicken Parmesan with the filets! Because who doesn't love cheesy, breaded chicken over spaghetti and marinara?! Derrick and I will be eating ours with spaghetti squash because of it being swimsuit season and all (haha) but the kids will get their yummy fillets over a bed of spaghetti.  So easy and so good.  This baked chicken is a game changer in the meal department and I can rest easy knowing my kids are enjoying their healthy food. Mom win!!   

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