Ivy the Ballerina

My little dancing girl is officially in a dance class and she is just so ecstatic.  I am a first time dance mom here, I knew nothing about where to go and what attire to get her or anything!! So I asked around and found out an amazing teacher for her.  I also found her these darling ballet slippers from Payless .  I am so happy with how darling they are and how well they fit her.  We are having fun learning the dance lingo and practicing her moves at home.  These photos were taken the day before her actual class so she just showed me her best moves and I thought it was absolutely darling.  My three year old with so much personality, spunk, and style! I am actually hoping to do another mini photo shoot at the end of the dance year to see how different her moves and poses are.  But honestly, I am not too worried about her being the best or even understanding the dance moves she learns completely.  I just want her to have fun!! And so far so good!! Thanks to Payless for sponsoring this post and help my little Ivy be comfy and cute!!