12 Week Bump

Today I posted about our big news! We have a baby on the way!! And it feels so good to tell the world!!! Also-- this bump cannot be hidden any longer! haha After three babies, it's like my body said, "Oh hey I know what to do here"  and then the bumpin' began! Baby is the size of a plum as of right now and I just love that little plum so much already.  And is it just me, or does the idea of Fall seem so nice right now?  Today was off and on drizzly and windy and so I felt I should take the chance to dress in a sweater and booties this evening.  I am in love with this new sweater from Evy's Tree.  It was just released a few days ago and is on sale right now.  I paired the sweater with my trusty distressed black jeans and these adorable and oh so comfy booties from Payless! I know it won't really be cooling down for a while, but I am so excited for cozy Fall outfits paired with this growing baby bump!! 

A special thank you to Payless for sponsoring this post!