Morning in the Mountains {featuring Evy's Tree}

Do you ever have days where things are just going so well that you can sense some kind of hiccup is coming? Last night I drove out to the mountains to shoot some beautiful engagements. The session went great but then I realized I had a massive flat tire. And NO phone service. Anyway Derrick rescued me as usual (#myhero) and we had to go back this morning to fix the car situation. It kind of ruined some plans we had for last night and this morning but ya know, I've learned to just roll with it sometimes. We laughed about it and while Derrick replaced the tire I loved watching the kidlets teaching their baby bro how to walk. They were all giggling and screeching "He's doing it!! We're helping him!!". Watching this sweetness was like seeing the sunlight through the clouds. I just love them.

absolutely love collaborating with  Evy's Tree.  You can find my luxurious and soft vest on their site or just click here :)