Everyday MOMents

It’s not everyday that I write a blog post but when I do it’s because I’m writing about something I love, something dear to my heart. When Jessica Poe reached out to me about her new book Everyday MOMents- Discovering Christ in the Details of Motherhood, I felt like she was definitely inspired to contact me.  

After adding baby number three to our crew, working as a photographer, and Derrick in work and school, I sometimes feel like I am just spreading myself too thin.  I want to be the best mom, the best wife, the best daughter, the best sister, the best visiting teacher, the best friend, the best neighbor all while keeping a clean house and looking put together. Oh there is so much.  Truth be told, I can’t be the best.  But if I were going to choose one of those things to work the hardest at, the one thing I would pour my whole heart into, it would ultimately be being a mother.  

Sometimes mom life can become monotonous.  Wake up, feed the kids, clean them up, do the dishes, do the laundry.. (“Cinderellaaaa!”)... but really. And don’t get me wrong, 4 and a half years ago I decided I would devote my life to motherhood, to my children. A decision that has changed my life for the better, no matter how tired I am. I saw myself teaching them everything from eating healthy food to minding their manners to being a good person and a follower of Christ.  But amongst the chaos of everyday life- the diapers, the errand running, the little attitudes, the fact that I am ALWAYS tired.. I tend to lose sight of the divine calling. And sometimes I just want a break. But worst of all, sometimes I feel like I am not good enough or making the most of it.    

Jessica Poe says it best,

“Every mother experiences years in the trenches, armed with wipes and willpower. Every mother knows sleepless nights, heartaches and headaches, antibiotics and anti-aging creams, sacrifice and service, laughter and losing oneself, and love. Even composed mothers who appear on top of their game- yes, even the most veteran, the most put-together mother hens- need frequent reassurance of their big-picture duties.”

When I read this in the introduction of her book, I was so much more excited to dive in and read more! This spoke to me.  I’m not the only one feeling this way! Whew! That was a load off.  

Jessica Poe continues in her book, describing a day in the life of a mother who is “..seeking symbols and His sight while experiencing everyday mommy moments.” She says, “It’s about opening my sleep-deprived eyes to see what He’s trying to teach me. I’ve found that the skill can turn the most ordinary and tiresome moments into extraordinary teaching MOMents. It’s a skill and a process I’m constantly practicing and fine-tuning, but it’s making me a better mother, teacher, friend, and person.”

 And then there it is, I don’t need to spread myself to thin, I can just work on seeing Christ in my life as I mother my three beautiful and crazy children.  I can teach them to be selfless to have courage to try new things to see the best in everyone to be more like our Savior.. I can teach them so many things and that in itself will help me become a better person.

 I devoured this book in a short time, and loved every bit of it. Jessica Poe touches so many points that every mother can relate to.  And the fun part is at the end of each chapter she turns it around for the reader to apply to their own life.  She asks thought provoking questions, shares ideas and advice, and gives challenges.  The challenges were my favorite and I still work on them daily.  Jessica shares personal stories of friends and loved ones, some are heart breaking but also encouraging and inspiring.  Some make you gasp and some make you laugh.  Most of all, what I took from this book was a stronger sense of purpose for my divine calling as mother and more of an ability to recognize the everyday MOMents that God places before me.

With Mother’s Day around the corner,  (I mean it is just next month!!) I am gifting this book to a few Moms in my life. Enter a giveaway to win this book for both yourself and a friend over on my instagram page ! You can also pick up your own copy of Everyday MOMents at Barnes and Noble, Deseret Book, or order from Amazon.  Here is a direct link to make it easy for you! :) Everyday MOMents on Amazon  

You can also get the free study guide from Jessica Poe's website here