It's Only a Matter of Time

Today at dinner, all three kids were playing with their food, laughing and singing, being silly and being loud.. Derrick and I just looked across the table at each other and I asked him the question we often ask each other (in a sweet, teasing way) when we are in the middle of the happy-crazy we call parenthood, "When did this become our life?".  And every time one of us asks the other this question we just look into each other's eyes and laugh and tilt our head, while the last seven years flash before our eyes and there we sit in the middle of our happy-crazy and with my hand on my growing belly, we just laugh again knowing there's more happy-crazy to come.  It's only a matter of time before this little angel girl makes her appearance, baby brother will become big brother, sleeping arrangements will change, sleeping at all is still up in the air, and swaddle blankets, pacifiers, and the bassinet will all become part of our life again.  It's only a matter of time til Derrick and I are taking turns rocking and singing a newborn to sleep at all hours of the night, tag teaming diaper changes, while the other is putting the older kids back to their beds or helping someone use the potty.  At this moment in time, life could seem like a sleep deprived, privacy deprived time, but ya know, it's also a matter of time til our oldest is gone all day at school five days a week, and then it's just a matter of time til our babies become kids and these kids become preteens and preteens become full blown teens and then we've got a whole lot more  on our hands.  I seriously broke down crying talking to Derrick about the day when Beckham goes to first grade and is gone "all day everyday".  I was like- "It's not right, he'll be with people I don't even know, more than he'll be with me!!" I know I'm pregnant and super dramatic right now, but part of me thinks it's not just hormones talking.  And while I was having my mini freak out, Derrick just pulled me in close and reminded that we have time.  We have time to enjoy this. We have time to savor all the joys and frustrations and silliness of life as we know it. Time is funny thing, sometimes I feel like a day is too long and other times I feel like it went by too fast.  I've decided the best thing we can do is enjoy the here and now while we can.  And right now, I am enjoying what may be my last pregnancy, 28 weeks with my little girl.  We love her so much already and are so excited for her to join our happy- crazy. 

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