Evening at the Park with See Kai Run

The chilly Fall air is slowly getting colder and colder.  It's looking like our trips to the park will be dying out very soon!  But before it's too cold to go out, we are enjoying these fun trips while we can.  Now that our littlest is walking, the older two have been having so much fun chasing him or just following him around, laughing at all the silly, curious things he does.  When he sees a bug he crouches down and says "ooooh" and tries to pick it up. His older siblings think that's hilarious. On the playground these three have such a blast together.  Going down slides, flying high on the swings, and making up their own games and songs.  I love seeing them enjoy outdoor time, it's the perfect way to get all the wiggles out after a long day.  Lately our go-to play shoes have been these fun sneakers from See Kai Run.  We love how quick and easy they are to put on just before running out the door.  Ivy just started preschool and so she and I have talked about how she needs to learn how to put on and take off her own shoes.  I've noticed she's been avoiding some of her shoes because of this, but her See Kai Run's are worn constantly.  Easy, reliable, and super cute!- that's my kinda shoe.  And my boys love these because they can play and play without tripping on any bulkiness or tripping over laces.  I sure hope their little feet don't grow too much  in the near future because these shoes are keepers!! We will enjoy them at the park as much as we can this Fall!  Thank you See Kai Run for sponsoring this post! xo