October Outings

I cannot believe how quickly this month has passed us by! We had lots of fall festivities on our to do list and I am so glad we got to do basically all of them! We went to the pumpkin patch, rode trains through corn fields,  straw slides, straw mazes, corn mazes, we even went to an amusement park, which was super fun and all the Fall decor and halloween decorations were fun to see.  We took a weekend and went to Utah with some good friends and it was such a great trip.  It was mainly for the kids, but after a long day, on the drive home, the kids were asleep in the back and Derrick and I were holding hands talking about how awesome the day was.  Derrick said, "I feel like we are really in love right now, I want it to always be like this."  And it was true.  Taking a quick weekend away was more than for the kids, it was definitely for us too. Being away from home allowed us to focus just on each other and our crazy little family. I think those little trips away every now and then are so necessary for our family and for our relationship.  Derrick and I both love the Fall and we were so determined to make the most of it.  We had hot chocolate and Mexican corn on the cob.  We wore lots of layers and enjoyed the gorgeous October skies.  We got out our boxes of Fall and Winter clothes and reminisced of last years Fall activities and how much our family has grown and evolved since then.  Today is Halloween and we have been listening to festive music and talking about our plans for tonight.  I love having Halloween on a Saturday!! Happy Halloween!