This was our last ‘real’ family photo session, almost one year ago.  It’s crazy to see how much our babies have grown since then but I just had to post these because the amazingly multitalented Tara from Rad and Happy took them and I adore everything she creates.  Anyway the reason I say this is is our last ‘real’ family photo session, is because as you will see in future blog posts or instagram, I am like the crazy mamarazzi over here.  I rarely go anywhere without my Canon 6D.  I am constantly taking pictures of our every day lives.  I admit I am an unapologetic overgrammer and though I post almost daily, there are still so many pictures and memories that I want to post and write about. I used to blog regularly when Beckham was a tiny baby, but when I started up my photography business, I was blessed to get really busy, and personal blogging became last priority.  This past summer there have been countless late nights that Derrick and I are laying in bed, we should be asleep, but we have so much on our minds.  We would talk until we were so tired that we ended up laughing hysterically about the most random things- the way Ivy gasps when someone is eating food in front of her, like she’s offended that the food wasn’t offered to her first, or how Beckham’s ABC song always turns into Twinkle Little Star and then back to ABC’s again. After these convos we always say how we need to put these memories on paper somewhere.  But if you know my husband, you know he is all about technology.  He rarely holds a pen or touches paper.  It was his idea to create this space where we could keep our thoughts in one special place.   This space will be where we can post the memories and file away our ideas, goals, recipes, and just plain ramble about some of our favorite things. This is the Likes life.