Ivy's First Birthday

On April 15th our baby girl turned one!! She was in the best mood during the entire party.  Taking a long nap beforehand definitely paid off. We had so many awesome friends and family that came to celebrate with us. It was so cute to see her with her cake.  She was such a little lady about it.  She picked off all the heart shaped sprinkles and ate them one by one, never touching the rest of the cake.  I am obsessed with the anything by Oh Joy! and was so excited when her spring party decor showed up at Target just in time for Ivy’s party. And what made it even more adorable was when we got a package in the mail from my mom with this sweet little party girl outfit.  The tutu matched the decor perfectly.. not that it had to, but the fact that it did,  was pretty great.  I know, I know, one year olds don’t even know it’s their birthday let alone care if their tutus match their balloons, but one day when she’s eighteen and reading this blog, I’d like to think that she will see these pictures and know just how excited we were to celebrate one whole year of our sweet baby Ivy.