Baby Hudson

It was very exciting when we found out we were expecting another little one to our already crazy bunch!!  When we found out we were having another boy, we were all excited to meet Baby Hudson.  

Beckham and Ivy both came almost two weeks early so I expected this little guy to be here just as early. But he stayed put and I was pretty uncomfortable and easily irritated. My poor family! I remember Fourth of July being so miserably hot and my feet and hands were so swollen!! Three days later I woke up at about 4am with some pains.  I wasn’t sure if it was serious or not so I tried to sleep it off. Then they got worse, to the point of tears and I was like, “Okay Derrick, I think he’s on his way!”  We called up my sister who lives about a half an hour away and asked her to rush over so we could head to the hospital.  In the meantime I got dressed, made the bed, put on makeup, held Ivy… lol.. I would have pain in between all this, but I wasn’t sure if it was the real deal or not.  By 7:15am we were at the hospital.  I was having trouble walking in, Derrick held my hand and gave me words of encouragement.  And just like every pregnancy before, I walked in and told the nurses, “I think I am going to have baby today”.. obviously in pain and uncomfortable.  And just like every time before, a nurse replied, with just a tinge of doubt in her voice, “…When are you due?.. okay lets check you”.  I waddled to the hospital room where the nurse checked me and said I was dilated between an 8 and a 9!! I knew it!! No one doubt a pregnant woman who insists baby is on the way!! haha!

My doctor is pretty amazing and is always good at making me feel super comfortable and cheery.  He was all smiles while I was pushing, and then suddenly his face got serious while he was looking at the baby’s heart monitor.  I noticed his face right away and felt panic set in.  He told me the baby’s heart dropped and I needed to push baby out at quickly as possibly because he was afraid that maybe the cord was wrapped around Hudson’s neck or something.  I silently prayed and prayed and pushed and pushed.  At 8:48am Hudson was born completely healthy and happy weighing 8 lbs 1 oz and 21.5 inches long- our biggest baby!  He looked kind of like Beckham but with a longer shaped faced and a whole lot of hair.  

It’s amazing the love you can feel for another human being that you just met.  (As I’m typing this I keep pausing to look over at him in his little rocker. I just love his sweet sleeping face, his little snores are so adorable.) We spent the day cuddling with our new little babe and in the afternoon Beckham and Ivy got to come and meet their baby brother.  They had waited long enough, I was starting to think they didn’t believe a baby was really in there! When they walked into the hospital room I noticed Beckham was carrying a little Toy Story Woody figurine.  We sat them up on the ledge of the window and they looked down at their new brother.  Beckham tried to give Hudson his Woody as a present and set it by his head.  It was so precious.  

Then they wanted to touch him to we got Hudson out and they all sat with me on the bed.  Derrick took this video of them talking to Hudson for the very first time.  It brings me to tears whenever I watch it.

Click here to see it –> Meeting Baby Hudson

Derrick and I stayed the night and I love that he always stays with me at the hospital instead of going home.  We sleep together in the tiny hospital bed and it’s a tradition that i seriously love.  We lay there exhausted and so excited about the surreal and adorable addition to our family. It’s like I ran a marathon for the last 9 months and then all of sudden I’m done and I’m handed a beautiful perfect little baby.  It’s a bonus that I feel like I can breathe again.  Being five foot nothing and carrying a giant baby around while chasing two littles under three is just a little bit exhausting;) We loved bringing Hudson home and introducing him to his new house and bed.  I took some pictures of him when he was just a week old.  I never want to forget all the details of our sweet baby boy.

I cannot believe how much he has grown! My little baby is three months old! We all love him so much!! xoxo