Beckham's Third Birthday

Today we celebrated Beckham’s third birthday! He was so excited all week for a bounce house, seeing all his friends and cousins, pizza, and donuts! When we asked him what he wanted for his party- pizza and donuts were his only request. We went to our local Baker’s Dozen and they made him and amazing little donut cake and little ‘lego’ donuts.  He loved it!  The bounce house was a big hit.  The kids bounced liked crazy for hours.  I even got in and we held hands and did ring around the rosie and all died laughing after we fell back and bounced when we sang, “all fall down!”.  Ivy was a good sport with all older kids in there with her.  She’s so lucky to have a big brother who takes care of her in their little social situations. He’ll only be three but he is such an amazing little boy with a big heart.  We had so many awesome friends, neighbors, and family that came to celebrate with us. Beckham thought it was so fun having both sets of grandparents in one place.  With everyone’s busy schedules, it really meant a lot to see people come and enjoy a special day with us.  And we even got to FaceTime with his aunt Kari that couldn’t make it.  After the party, when we were cleaning up all the remnants of a fun filled day, Derrick and I hugged and talked about what life was like three years ago when my belly was huge and we were just waiting to meet our little Beckham.  We had no idea how much sweeter and complex and wonderful life could be.  He came eleven days early a day I’ll never forget.  It’s hard to forget the day your firstborn came into the world. He’s technically not three years old until Wednesday, so I’m not going to get emotional just yet. But I just hope our little Beckaroo, Beckito, Bubba, Bubbalito, Beckaroni, Beckham knows just how much we love him.  It was a great day for a celebrating our favorite three year old. xo