Hana Jean Jacket

When you have four kids who are at home for a majority of the day its very rare to get some alone time with the babe!! But on this rare occasion the little lady and I had a full hour of shopping with just each other.  I cannot believe she is already eight months old!! 

This denim jacket is my new favorite Fall piece!! It's a new release called the Hana Jean Jacket from Evy's Tree! It has a super flattering fit that I haven't seen in denim before. I love the deep pockets and the cropped fit!! I ADORE it!! Evy's Tree has so many gorgeous timeless pieces like this that I love so much.  These Denim Skinnies in Sangria are also from them and are on sale right now! 


What's For Dinner

"Mom we want chicken nuggets for dinner!!" I have to roll my eyes and curse myself for ever introducing them to fast food. They make this request often when I am getting dinner going and because I'm the mama, and need to make sure they are fed healthy, good food, I have to do a little investigative work.  Luckily they do well eating their vegetables and fruits.  I had a friend once tell me that she had to puree her veggies and sneak it into meatloaf or mashed potatoes so the kids would eat it! Us moms are always seeking ways to keep our kidlets stay healthy and make better food choices. When I stumbled across Foster Farms baked, never fried-chicken, I was so excited!! They have nuggets, tenders, and fillets.  We first tried the nuggets. Beckham, my oldest, is very critical about the "at home chicken nuggets" we have tried.  He hasn't approved any of them, but I kid you not, he loved these!! Tonight we made the strips with their choice of sides- green beans and apple slices.  For our family meal this Sunday, we plan on making an easy Chicken Parmesan with the filets! Because who doesn't love cheesy, breaded chicken over spaghetti and marinara?! Derrick and I will be eating ours with spaghetti squash because of it being swimsuit season and all (haha) but the kids will get their yummy fillets over a bed of spaghetti.  So easy and so good.  This baked chicken is a game changer in the meal department and I can rest easy knowing my kids are enjoying their healthy food. Mom win!!   

Click here for a coupon and look for the new Foster Farms Baked Chicken coming to your grocery stores! 


Conquering Winter Skin {ft. Tula}

Every winter I have a battle to fight with the super dry Idaho air.  My skin has been known to freak out in all sorts of ways.  I have had it get flaky, peely, and rough.  I am always on the hunt for products that will keep my skin hydrated all throughout the season.  My face is always an issue in the winter.  But this time I learned about a product that I am in love with. Tula Skincare Products are amazing!! I have been using the Hydrating Day & Night Cream for almost three months now and I am so happy with my skin!! I wouldn't just say this about any product, I have had lots of weird reactions to face creams and moisturizers, so when Tula reached out to me asking me to try and review their products, I told them that I would be very honest no matter what.  I am happy to report that I am a new fan and I have found a cream that has helped me keep my skin hydrated and happy all winter long.  I have also been using their Probiotic Purifying Face Cleanser which I also love.  And now that I am a fat and happy- NINE months pregnant, I have been having nightly bubble baths (which are so amazing and totally help with this weird restless leg thing I have going on recently) anyway, when I do get to soak in this glorious bubble bath I like to apply Tula's Exfoliating Treatment Mask. It's amazing and smells ultra refreshing.  Bottom line-- if you're looking for a new skincare line check out Tula!  


As for the rest of my bod, being preggo in the winter has made me pay extra special attention to my stretching belly.  I recently posted a photo of my giant belly and was asked what I have been putting on it to keep from getting stretch marks, or just keep that itchiness away that always comes with a growing belly.  For all four of my pregnancies I have used Bio Oil.  I put it on in the morning and before bed.  I have loved this stuff because it keeps my skin soft and I rarely feel itchy! And when I do, I just rub more of this magic oil on my belly and I'm good to go! I read somewhere that the best time to apply any kind of cream, oil, or lotion is right when you are out of the shower and your pores are still open, so thats what I do, the second I am towel dried.  I love this moisturizing cream for all over use.. (minus the face).  And you can get it from Sams Club or Amazon which is super convenient.  For my hair I absolutely love this hair repair mask and i almost always use this oil on the ends of my hair to keep moisture locked in before blow drying.  

Anyway those are my favorites for battling winter dryness! Feel free to share any products you have tried and loved! I always love to learn more about these things! xo

It's Only a Matter of Time

Today at dinner, all three kids were playing with their food, laughing and singing, being silly and being loud.. Derrick and I just looked across the table at each other and I asked him the question we often ask each other (in a sweet, teasing way) when we are in the middle of the happy-crazy we call parenthood, "When did this become our life?".  And every time one of us asks the other this question we just look into each other's eyes and laugh and tilt our head, while the last seven years flash before our eyes and there we sit in the middle of our happy-crazy and with my hand on my growing belly, we just laugh again knowing there's more happy-crazy to come.  It's only a matter of time before this little angel girl makes her appearance, baby brother will become big brother, sleeping arrangements will change, sleeping at all is still up in the air, and swaddle blankets, pacifiers, and the bassinet will all become part of our life again.  It's only a matter of time til Derrick and I are taking turns rocking and singing a newborn to sleep at all hours of the night, tag teaming diaper changes, while the other is putting the older kids back to their beds or helping someone use the potty.  At this moment in time, life could seem like a sleep deprived, privacy deprived time, but ya know, it's also a matter of time til our oldest is gone all day at school five days a week, and then it's just a matter of time til our babies become kids and these kids become preteens and preteens become full blown teens and then we've got a whole lot more  on our hands.  I seriously broke down crying talking to Derrick about the day when Beckham goes to first grade and is gone "all day everyday".  I was like- "It's not right, he'll be with people I don't even know, more than he'll be with me!!" I know I'm pregnant and super dramatic right now, but part of me thinks it's not just hormones talking.  And while I was having my mini freak out, Derrick just pulled me in close and reminded that we have time.  We have time to enjoy this. We have time to savor all the joys and frustrations and silliness of life as we know it. Time is funny thing, sometimes I feel like a day is too long and other times I feel like it went by too fast.  I've decided the best thing we can do is enjoy the here and now while we can.  And right now, I am enjoying what may be my last pregnancy, 28 weeks with my little girl.  We love her so much already and are so excited for her to join our happy- crazy. 

Thank you to JORD Wood Watches  for sponsoring this post and for inspiring our thoughts on time.  I was excited to collaborate with JORD and surprise Derrick with one of their amazing modern wood watches.  He loves it! You can find his exact watch here


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Evening at the Park with See Kai Run

The chilly Fall air is slowly getting colder and colder.  It's looking like our trips to the park will be dying out very soon!  But before it's too cold to go out, we are enjoying these fun trips while we can.  Now that our littlest is walking, the older two have been having so much fun chasing him or just following him around, laughing at all the silly, curious things he does.  When he sees a bug he crouches down and says "ooooh" and tries to pick it up. His older siblings think that's hilarious. On the playground these three have such a blast together.  Going down slides, flying high on the swings, and making up their own games and songs.  I love seeing them enjoy outdoor time, it's the perfect way to get all the wiggles out after a long day.  Lately our go-to play shoes have been these fun sneakers from See Kai Run.  We love how quick and easy they are to put on just before running out the door.  Ivy just started preschool and so she and I have talked about how she needs to learn how to put on and take off her own shoes.  I've noticed she's been avoiding some of her shoes because of this, but her See Kai Run's are worn constantly.  Easy, reliable, and super cute!- that's my kinda shoe.  And my boys love these because they can play and play without tripping on any bulkiness or tripping over laces.  I sure hope their little feet don't grow too much  in the near future because these shoes are keepers!! We will enjoy them at the park as much as we can this Fall!  Thank you See Kai Run for sponsoring this post! xo


Ivy the Ballerina

My little dancing girl is officially in a dance class and she is just so ecstatic.  I am a first time dance mom here, I knew nothing about where to go and what attire to get her or anything!! So I asked around and found out an amazing teacher for her.  I also found her these darling ballet slippers from Payless .  I am so happy with how darling they are and how well they fit her.  We are having fun learning the dance lingo and practicing her moves at home.  These photos were taken the day before her actual class so she just showed me her best moves and I thought it was absolutely darling.  My three year old with so much personality, spunk, and style! I am actually hoping to do another mini photo shoot at the end of the dance year to see how different her moves and poses are.  But honestly, I am not too worried about her being the best or even understanding the dance moves she learns completely.  I just want her to have fun!! And so far so good!! Thanks to Payless for sponsoring this post and help my little Ivy be comfy and cute!!

12 Week Bump

Today I posted about our big news! We have a baby on the way!! And it feels so good to tell the world!!! Also-- this bump cannot be hidden any longer! haha After three babies, it's like my body said, "Oh hey I know what to do here"  and then the bumpin' began! Baby is the size of a plum as of right now and I just love that little plum so much already.  And is it just me, or does the idea of Fall seem so nice right now?  Today was off and on drizzly and windy and so I felt I should take the chance to dress in a sweater and booties this evening.  I am in love with this new sweater from Evy's Tree.  It was just released a few days ago and is on sale right now.  I paired the sweater with my trusty distressed black jeans and these adorable and oh so comfy booties from Payless! I know it won't really be cooling down for a while, but I am so excited for cozy Fall outfits paired with this growing baby bump!! 

A special thank you to Payless for sponsoring this post! 

A Fairy Party

A few weeks ago we attended the most darling Fairy Party!! It was held at Wadley Farms in Utah and that location was just perfection!! There was a giant castle when we pulled up and the kids thought that was amazing. We walked into a beautiful luncheon room with all these yummy treats.  We especially liked the donuts!;) Then we made our way over to the floral crown making station. Ivy and I had fun putting together her little crown.  Beckham especially loved the scavenger hunt.  He found chocolate coins all over the garden and even some tiny magical bottles of lavender.  They wrote letters to the fairies while all the mamas visited for a bit. Cheyenne, who is the lovely brains behind The Fairy Mail Company was the absolute sweetest most friendly gal, and I just adore her! She had all us mamas gather together and we had fun chatting and getting to know each other.  I met some talented women who you can find on Instagram- Kiley Draper, Courtney Gray, Becky Kimball, Caroline DrakeKilee Nickels & Merrily Liddiard.  

The kids loved getting our pictures taken by the party photographer, .Michelle Peterson.  She and her husband are so fun to work with and their work is absolutely gorgeous. All of the photos on this blog post were taken by them.  At the end of the party, the kids and I were even given gifts!! I got some fun goodies from Nickel & Suede, Wren and James, MaLyn Logic, and Chynna Hansen Designs.  And the kids loved their gifts from Free Babes HandmadeBaby Lit Books, & Wren & James. All of these shops are darling, you've gotta check them out!! 

The Fairy Party was a total success, and the kids are already talking about writing letters to their fairies asking for more parties! A humongous thank you to The Fairy Mail Company for putting on such an adorable and fun event for the whole family.  We love those fairies!